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Surgical Gloves – Rethought.

Surgical gloves protect doctors and patients from infections. Nevertheless, there are often perforations of gloves. Optimized surgical gloves offer more safety and improved resistance compared to previously used gloves. Improved mechanical strength reduces the likelihood of microperforations, providing greater protection against potentially infectious body liquids. At the same time, the sense of touch is retained. The features of touch-sensitive, single-layered gloves and double gloving systems are combined in a single glove.

Status and Achievements

Intellectual Property

The company Smarterials is working on valuable technologies for more safety in the operating theater. A new approach to the integration of a perforation indicator into surgical gloves has been internationally filed with the European Patent Office.


In Europe, there is no dedicated standard to test the mechanical resistance of medical gloves. With partners, Smarterials has developed a DIN SPEC standard for testing the puncture resistance of medical gloves. This standard provides a basis for evaluating and comparing the protective effect of medical gloves.


Attendance in competition:
  • 1. Place at Startup Slam 2016 at the 'Hauptstadtkongress Medizin und Gesundheit',
  • 2. Place 'Science to lean 'Startup'' of the Humboldt-Innovation,
  • Top 10 'Businessplanwettbewerb Medizinwirtschaft der Startbahn Ruhr',
Funding programs:
  • IBB - ProFIT-Frühphasenförderung 2017
  • IBB - ProFIT-Projektförderung 2017
  • DIN-Connect


Dr. Martin Bothe

Dr. Martin Bothe

Managing Director

Martin is physicist and materials scientist. He received a doctor’s degree in studying the thermomechanical properties of polymer systems. Applying for a patent for the optimization of medical gloves, he initiated the building of the company Smarterials.

Michael Schneiker, MBA

Michael Schneiker, MBA

Finance / Business Development

Michael is economist, social scientist and banker. He has collected several years of experience in a world-leading investment company. In the company, he invests his know-how and is responsible for finance and business development.

Dr. Nikolaus Mirtschin

Dr. Nikolaus Mirtschin

Research and Development

Nikolaus holds a PhD in materials science with a focus on the mechanical properties of polymers. He is an essential know-how carrier in the company and is responsible for the areas of process technology, IP and standardization.

Dr. Larisa Schmidt

Dr. Larisa Schmidt

Chemist, Materials Development

Larisa has a PhD in Chemistry and is specialized in the synthesis and characterization of inorganic particles for medical applications. She has been working on surface modifications of particulate materials for innovative polymer-based composite materials. At Smarterials, she transfers this concept to latex-particle-composites and coatings.

M.Sc. Cynthia Kembuan

M.Sc. Cynthia Kembuan

Chemist, Characterization

Cynthia is a chemist and is currently finishing her PhD on the synthesis and characterization of particles for photonic applications. At Smarterials, she supports the synthesis and investigation of particles for the treatment of latex surfaces and characterizes the latex-particle-systems with regard to basic materials properties.

Florian Löhlein

Florian Löhlein

European Diplom-Betriebswirt (economist), mentor and investor

Florian has been working for the health care group Fresenius nationally and internationally before leading clinics for the clinic group Artemed and bringing the medical technology start-up Stenttec to an exit. He was responsible for post-merger integration at MEDIAN Kliniken and is now head of several companies.

Supported by

This project is co-financed by the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE).


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 828012.

Contact Information

Address: Smarterials Technology GmbH, Rudower Chaussee 29, 12489 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 30 12 08 27 90